Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

Con una mise en scene minimale, lo spazio a Brera ospita lavabi, contenitori e accessori firmati da Andrea Federici e Victor Vasilev

10/09/2021 – Reducing the superfluous to get to the essential: this is the concept of Minimum, the new bathroom collection by Victor Vasilev presented in the Falper showroom in Brera, Via Pontaccio 10, on the occasion of Fuorisalone 2021.
With a minimal mise en scene, the space hosts the washbasins and containers of the Minimum collection and the latest collections designed by Andrea Federici and Victor Vasilev, the Butler wall-mounted storage units, the Cilindro accessories and the new Fontana washbasin in the freestanding version.

New Collection: Minimum by Victor Vasilev

Elegance, minimalism, monolithic forms, sculptural elements and sharp angles are the distinctive elements of the new Minimum collection by Victor Vasilev.
“Designing Minimum, I was inspired by the art of Donald Judd”, says Victor Vasilev. “The apparent simplicity of his work made me think about the expressive power of pure volumes, and especially about the importance of proportions and the empty spaces that define the relationships between them. The collection springs from an analysis of the dimensions of functional elements, but also dedicates a great deal of attention to the study of compositions that enhance the presence of these objects in a space.”
Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

Minimum is a multi-faceted, modular, customizable collection made up of wall-mounted washbasins, freestanding shelves and cabinets, available in various sizes and modular combinations.
Marble,  wood, Cementobasic® and Cristalplant Biobased Active: the materials are carefully chosen to highlight the collection’s clean, pure forms and allow maximum customization. A balanced mix of natural, authentic materials with state-of-the-art compound.
Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

With Minimum, Falper’s philosophy of the Living Bathroom – a fluid space that’s an extension of the living space, where functionality and aesthetics come together – is enhanced by new ideas and items designed to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. In fact, the collection is part of the Black line, conceived for spaces that make a strong statement with an unmistakable, uncompromising design.

All of the latest products

The Via Pontaccio showroom staging will also host the new Butler, a collection of wall-mounted storage units, designed by Andrea Federici; the Cilindro family of accessories and the new freestanding Fontana washbasin, both designed by Victor Vasilev; and the new colors with derived from automotive paint technology available for Falper bathtubs and washbasins.
The Butler wall-mounted cabinet collection designed by Andrea Federici is part of the ‘Living Bathroom’ philosophy defined by Falper. The idea of the bathroom as a sort of imaginary extension of the living environment: a fluid space, a harmonious synthesis of functionality and aesthetics.
Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

The new system consists of configurable columns with shelves, internal drawers and clothes rails. Designed to store the most precious objects and have everything at one’s fingertips – hence the name that refers to the function of the butler -, Butler is embellished with particularly refined details: elements made of aluminium, glass, solid walnut or oak, and in the matte and glossy lacquer finishes proposed in the catalogue.
The collection is realised as a system that can be configured in various compositions and sizes. Available in two different depths, 20 and 35 cm, it is well-appointed, completed by a wide range of options and fine accessories such as LED interior lighting – also useful as a courtesy light – and drawer accessories.
Victor Vasilev has designed the first Falper collection of accessories for the bath. The accessories in the Cilindro collection have a minimal yet dynamic graphic design aesthetic that plays a role in defining the architecture of bathroom spaces. Victor Vasilev designed these contemporary objects using tubular forms in AISI 304 stainless steel combined with wood and Cristalplant Biobased Active. A single collection that serves a variety of functions, designed to meet multiple needs: wall towel holder with or without accessories, freestanding towel holder, toilet brush holders for the wall and floor, wall-mounted waterjet toilet brush, floor-standing toilet roll holder. The various elements can be selected individually or juxtaposed to create clean, minimal, geometric metal compositions.
Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

Designed by Victor Vasilev, Fontana is a collection of washbasins in Cristalplant Biobased Active.  The new freestanding version is the latest addition to the family, joining the two round and rectangular countertop models. A sculptural object, perfect as a freestanding focal point, with circular forms that highlight the purity of absolute white. The leitmotiv of the collection is a design with a recess that hides the drain, and a double height that creates a play of solids and voids.
Essentiality and Sculptural Shapes: the Falper Bathroom

Among the new products on show, Falper also presents the new colors derived from automotive paints available for washbasins and bathtubs in the catalogue, made using a process that is UNI- EN 14688:2018-certified for thermal shock, scratch-resistance and resistance to chemical substances.
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