Deborah is a member of Telin Group Joint Stock Company (Telin Group) with a 25-year history of investing in civil
and industrial real estate, investing in clean and renewable energy, commerce and technology. Deborah
JSC aims to provide home appliances, providing customers with classy and different experiences in their
own dream home.

With the desire to honor Vietnamese family value by providing in-house equipment with quality products
and wholehearted service spirit.

07 January, 2015 Deborah JSC was established with mission:

  • Delivering good quality products to customers by distributing in-house products from the world’s most
    prestigious brands.
  • Improving the quality and standard of living for Vietnamese family by Deborah Home’s products.
  • Building a working environment for employees to maximise their capabilities and become more valuable.

DEBORAH HOME – the brand is rapidly emerging in this industry with strong financial potential and the ability
to provide world-leading products that many customers dream of owning.
Deborah Home Showroom is designed as a complex of space solutions for kitchen and bathroom with different

Showroom Hanoi:
With the area of more than 1.000m2 at 4th floor, Building B, 219 Trung Kinh, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Showroom Ha Noi

Showroom Ho Chi Minh:
More than 1.200m2 at Villa 9, Galleria Urban Area, Nguyen Huu Tho Street, Nha Be, HCM

Showroom Ho Chi Minh

Clara is derived from the name of a river located in the Gulf of northwest Queensland, Australia. With
magnificent view, Clara is defined as one of the most glorious picture that nature has bestowed to
Australia. Watching the Clara River is the way to release your soul through the peaceful and pristine
scenery of the nature of the river.

Inspired by the wild but majestic beauty of Clara River, Clara Stylish Life was born. With elegant design
shown through mysterious and charismatic curves, all of Clara’s products definitely capture your eyes at
first sight. And such like its inspiration, Clara Stylish Life will surely bring you to the happiness of life, the
satisfaction of one of the best products for users worldwide.

Clara bathroom ware factory system with specialized production areas located in China, Malaysia,
Italy, Thailand has nearly 70 years of operation history, widely covering all countries in the world (USA,
Canada, England, Germany, Italy, Korea, Australia, Russia, Brazil, Spain, India …) production capacity
to 6.8 million products/ year to meet the market well.

Clara sanitary ware factory has a production line with advanced and modern techniques.
The team of engineers and workers of the factory is highly specialized with 2600 workers. Strict quality
control procedures are followed throughout the production process of goods, meeting the demand of
exporting to countries around the world.

Not only at the trend and style, designer Clara always strives to create classy and luxurious spaces
combining simplicity and sophistication for customer segments. Help customers easily choose and
overwhelmed when entering space, experience Clara products from different origins.

Kitchen appliances

In 2019 Deborah Home has became the Official
Exclusive Distributor in Vietnam for Brandt &
Dedietrich. These brands are well-known, No.1
brand in France.

  • De Dietrich

With a lifetime of more than 300 years, two World Wars and many great and small revolutions, De Dietrich could not survive without

showing outstanding excellence in his products. Every design of De Dietrich inherits a huge legacy of know-how, talent, and expertise in the field to create, not only equipment, but also artistic masterpieces.

De Dietrich prides itself on offering luxury kitchen appliances, made from the finest materials, crafted from the finest hands and crafted from the brains of the most discerning people.

Quality, Innovation – De Dietrich appliance is the jewel in your kitchen!

  • Brandt

In the world, France is always considered a difficult market and products originating from France are often more expensive than other European countries. In 2014, Brandt – the No. 1 brand in France under Brandt Group was signed the exclusive rights to distribute and market in Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia market, opening a new door for consumers here to use French home appliances. In particular, Brandt is also the largest brand of the Brandt Groupe, which is known by the French as “love mark” with the development of many high-end household products such as washing machines, clothes dryers, hobs. , Oven, Microwave, Steam oven, Refrigerator, Wine cellars, Dishwasher, mini appliance….

  • Providing products and services to all 63 provinces and neighboring countries
  • Becoming leading brand in Vietnam in the field of home appliances
  • Becoming business with positive influence on society
  • Delivering good quality products to customers by distributing in-house products from the world’s most
  • prestigious brands.
  • Improving the quality and standard of living for Vietnamese family by Deborah Home’s products
  • Building a working environment for employees to maximise their capabilities and become more valuable.

Representative Behaviours:
+) Honesty in words and actions, giving honest information
+) Respect the truth, respect the righteousness, live upright life. Do not give infor mation without verification.
+) Do not defame customers, partners, colleagues, competitors.

+) Prestige is an invaluable asset of the company
+) Do not make a promise when you are not sure what can be done
+) Once promised, must be sure to fulfill it

+) Every member can acknowledge the common goals of the company;
+) To unite, applaud, encourage and support each other to come through every difficulties and challenges in order to reach the goals;
+) To avoid judging each other and helping each other for progression.

+) Leader is the person who sets an example in the spirit of serving others
+) The leader’s object that needs to serve is employees. Respect, understand the strenghs and weaknesses of employees in order to lead, support and encourage them. Creating a healthy environment for their employees to maximise their potential and be happy with the job.

+) Employees need to serve customers. Employees are responsible, oblige to serve
customers and make them satisfying.
+) Employees must be professional in customer service style.

+) Customer- centric
+) Customer satisfaction is a measure of business success.

  • Bring value to customers
  • Bring value to partners
  • Bring Value to Employees

DEBORAH HOME is a combination of a luxurious space of kitchen and bathroom, each display area of
Deborah Home has its own unique style. A combination between tradition and modernity, strengh and intelligence, primacy and sophistication, technology and creativity, heritage and innovation towards a classy living space and create new adventures in culinary arts.


Deborah Home Office & Showroom Hanoi:
4th Floor, B Tower, Central Point Building, No. 219 Trung Kinh St, Cau Giay Dist, Hanoi.
Deborah Home Office & Showroom HCM:
Villa No. 9, Galleria Urban Area, Nguyen Huu Tho, Phuoc Kien, Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City
Tel: (+84) 243 783 1461 – Hotline: (+84) 93 462 37 68
Email: – Website: