Minimal Design for the New Fima Carlo Frattini Taps

SWITCH ON is activated by simply pressing a touch button: the project by Davide Vercelli

The fruit of further research and development of the technology present in SWITCHSWITCH ON inherits its lines and functionality, but has a new recessed body with an extremely small footprint, creating a product with a minimal and essential design.
The expansion of the range allows you to extend the coordination and customization possibilities of the bathroom environment, adapting to even smaller spaces, and improving the experience of daily use.
Minimal Design for the New Fima Carlo Frattini Taps

SWITCH ON comes in 4 new versions of the washbasin mixer, one recessed with a wall spout, one recessed with a ceiling spout, and two recessed versions with a free-standing spout, together with one bidet, two recessed and one recessed tub mixer.
The different versions of the wall-mounted washbasin borrow the distinctive features of SWITCH, with a stop/start button and flow booster and temperature adjustment knobs.
In the shower and bathtub models, however, the functionality of the button changes, allowing it to select the desired output, while the knobs control the water flow and temperature. This new system has been specially designed to offer a simpler, more essential solution than the SWITCH recessed shower unit series.
SWITCH ON is also characterized by a highly functional, aesthetic and ergonomic attention to detail. The large-sized temperature and flow knobs have been designed to simplify the experience and ease-of-use. In addition, they have a toothed outer circumference that embellishes the design and improves the grip.
In addition to classic chrome and brushed nickel, colour options are available in all FIMA Carlo Frattini’s galvanic finishes, including black chrome, brushed black chrome, gold and brushed gold. There are also matt white and black tones, which, thanks to their soft-touch effect, create an extremely contemporary style, perfect for playing with total look or contrasting combinations.
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