Quadrodesign: An Ode to Steel and Water

A video and a product update are the premise for the celebration of the company’s 20th anniversary

14/07/2021 – To celebrate the first 20 years of activity, Quadrodesign presents a new video and the most recent collections. Stainless steel is the main focus: a noble metal capable of offering inexhaustible suggestions, in terms of design and use. Bearing in mind the history of design and the inherent formal and cultural background, Quadrodesign re-elaborates it creating forms far from stereotypes. Valvola02_larga_ph. Luca Caizzi

Valvola02_larga_ph. Luca Caizzi

And it is in this scenario that Valvola01 and Valvola02 are conceived: the charm of the industrial taps with the typical hydraulic and gas ball valves are the inspiration for a synthetic and highly modern formal reinterpretation. Valvola02_lavabo_ph. Luca Caizzi

Valvola02_lavabo_ph. Luca Caizzi

The Q collection, instead, is an homage to “Quadrodesign”, and represents the aesthetic synthesis and the design process of the company, for this reason the use of the brand’s initials. A tap in which formal essentiality, attention to detail and advanced technological solutions find expressive power. Two pure geometric shapes, superimposed and aligned, to form a new architectural model. Q vasca_ph. Luca Caizzi

Q vasca_ph. Luca Caizzi

The collections – manufactured in AISI316L stainless steel – are designed by Studio Adolini in the name of maximum flexibility for a free combination of elements adaptable to any context and need, main feature of all Quadrodesign collections. A single built-in system that allows the user to combine it with different supply elements, thus determining the various formal solutions according to a broad typological program. This philosophy is present not only in the products, but in the corporate video signed by Iacopo Carapelli too, conceived for the celebration of the anniversary. Iacopo is a young yet skilled and successful film director: thanks to its strong emotional storytelling the video aims at narrating a precise concept, “an ode to steel and water’, thus underlining the brand values ​​and the essential link that the company holds with water.
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